Manda Heritage Hotel

The story of our hotel name begins with the legend of Zagreb.

In ancient times, when there was a great drought in this area, a great warrior passed with his army, which had already fainted from thirst. The warrior thrust his sword into the ground and clear water flowed from it. Then he saw the beautiful girl Manda and shouted: „Mando, darling, grab the water!“ (Croatian word for grab is “zagrabi”) and according to tradition, the city and the well got their names.

Just as the well Manduševac has been the soul of the city for years, Hotel Manda is an ideal starting point for exploring the soul of the city of Zagreb, his interesting stories and secret legends which you will remember forever.

One of these stories is the palace where the Manda Hotel is located. The history of the palace starts at the beginning of the 20th century, when the father of Croatian architecture Viktor Kovačić designed two mirror palaces in the city center.

The architect’s idea was to make the palace a perfect match for the stock market building on the other side of the square, so that they form the monumental triumphal door of the new part of Zagreb.
Out of love for the city of Zagreb, its history, its architecture and its inhabitants, the Manda Hotel was created to preserve the contours of this rich period while perfectly blending them with contemporary design.

In addition to its excellent location near Zagreb’s main square, the hotel offers 26 superbly equipped units with breakfast. Air-conditioned rooms, smart TV, wireless Internet and a minibar are just a few of the amenities that will make any stay even better.

Just like Zagreb is precious because of its citizens, so are also our employees those who make the most valuable part of the Manda Heritage Hotel. With our personalized service we will strive to always meet all the needs of our guests and make sure that they feel the warmth of our beautiful city and fellow citizens.

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